Isobionics® Natural Germacrene D 85

Isobionics® Natural Germacrene D 85 is a clear colorless to pale yellow liquid with a minty, herbal, slightly spicy, basil and herbal taste with slightly green oily cyclamen watermelon. Its odor is a fairly strong sharp aroma, with herbal, basil like, slightly floral and flower stems. It has also accents of parsley, citrus orange pith and has a spicy woodier dry out.

The 85% purity makes this a unique product suitable for formulation of beverages & oral care applications. Due to our cutting-edge fermentation technology we guarantee premium quality and reliable availability. It is EU and US natural, pesticide free, Kosher and Halal certified. Isobionics® Natural Germacrene D 85 is compliant to EU and US food grade regulations and has received the new FEMA number 4974.

Natural Aroma Ingredients - Photo of ylang-ylang flower

Top Benefits for our Customers

  • Premium quality
  • Reliable availability, independent of weather or harvest conditions
  • EU and US Natural
  • Fermentation based from renewable resources
  • Pesticide free*
  • Kosher, Halal and food grade

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* Regular checks performed according to DIN-EN 15662. List of commodity/pesticide combination can be made available upon request.