Isobionics® Natural delta-Cadinene 95

Isobionics® Natural delta-Cadinene 95 is a clear colourless to off-white liquid with a mild spicy odor that has reminiscent of weak nootkatone, dry dusty woody, dry forest, incense and weak dry out odor. The taste can be described as grapefruit, orange, slightly smokey, herbal note, oregano, thyme. 

With 95% purity this unique product is suitable for a broad range of applications. Due to our cutting-edge fermentation technology we guarantee constant quality and availability. It is EU and US natural, pesticide free, Kosher and Halal certification is in progress. Isobionics® Natural delta-Cadinene 95 is compliant to US food grade regulations and has received the new FEMA number 4967.

Natural Ingredients - Photo of orange, grapefruit, lemon and citrus

Top Benefits for our Customers

  • Reliable availability, independent of weather or harvest conditions
  • EU and US Natural
  • Fermentation based from renewable resources
  • Pesticide free*
  • Kosher, Halal and food grade

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* Regular checks performed according to DIN-EN 15662. List of commodity/pesticide combination can be made available upon request.