Isobionics is a biotechnology company in the Netherlands, developing, producing and selling a range of natural products.

It produces ingredients for the - Flavor & Fragrance (F&F), - Agrochemical and - Pharmaceutical markets. Isobionics has a proprietary platform technology, which uses fermentation technology to produce a variety of natural products manufactured in a controlled environment.

Many natural compounds today are seasonally harvested. Therefore product availability, quality and price are varying and unpredictable, due to crop specific growth cycles, labor intensity of harvest, weather conditions and diseases.

Natural Ingredients focuses its activities on natural raw materials for the flavour and fragrance industry. These are prepared with an innovative fermentation process, resulting in high quality natural final products for our customers in the food, beverage, flavour and fragrance market.

Our proprietary technology is environmentally friendly, uses less production steps and is easier to scale up. This results in a constant quality and stable pricing. Our products have a high purity and the production is harvest independent, resulting in a constant availability.

Our vision is to provide value to our customers by delivering a range of high quality products supported by excellent customer service and to create a leading position by developing innovative new products and processes within a sustainable sourcing strategy.